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“Graeme coached me in my start up business and has continued to do so over the years as it has grown. In an age of ‘front without substance’ Graeme stands out like a lighthouse. He has been there, seen it, done it many times and, despite the ups and downs of corporate life, is always upbeat, shrewd, sharp and savvy”.


Michael Molony, MCM Procurement Ltd.




“As my coach and mentor, Graeme is always there for me when I require his opinion on anything to do with my business. He never makes me feel I am a burden and his fresh and positive approach is always inspiring. His guidance is invaluable, and he has played a crucial part in getting my business to where it is today”.


Shimite Offor, Shimomo Ltd.




"What to do, what not to do, which direction to take, when to do it and how? So much to know and so many things to consider! Graeme guided me through the maze and advised and instructed me all the way. His manufacturing knowledge and general business skills made all the difference to our company and, just as important, he was so easy to talk to".


Sharon White, Whitton Precision Ltd.




“Graeme immediately understands what is needed and cuts through the red tape to deliver the desired results. He does what it says on the tin. I highly recommend Graeme”.


Tony Wills, Wills, Watson & Associates.




"Graeme has great insight and empathy as well as a detailed knowledge and understanding of the employment regulations. He listens and is very supportive, keeping you focused and on track. Excellent value for money and a great guy to have at your back".


Susan Scallan, Future Coaching Ltd.




“Graeme has fantastic knowledge of both the manufacturing and retail industries. He helped me to understand the many business processes and pointed me in the right direction, patiently answering my many queries. I thoroughly recommend Graeme as a business advisor, coach and mentor. He helps businesses succeed in this very complicated and difficult world, using his wealth of personal experience and his many contacts”.


Emily Bailey, Leyoss Ltd.




“In a world where everyone is trying to steal your ideas and where ‘Business Angels’ turn out to be more like ‘Self Serving Devils’, Graeme Haskett is an ‘Oasis in the Business Desert”.


Stephen Okusaga, 2Handy Ltd.




“Graeme helped me develop my product ideas on two occasions and his encouragement and ongoing support was inspirational. His advice saved me from wasting money on unnecessary services and he is now steering me through the minefield of getting my products to market. I can’t recommend him highly enough”.


Elizabeth Cullen, The Veg Wedge Co. Ltd.




“I had my head buried in the fine detail of designing and developing an aluminium briefcase for the luxury market, to be handmade by us here in the UK. Once I had it ready, I suddenly realised that I had neglected the sales part of the process. What was I to do? Fortunately, with the help of the government funded Growth Accelerator scheme, Graeme was appointed as my coach and mentor. He was a godsend from the moment he arrived, supporting me with costing, pricing, marketing, selling and everything to do with getting to market. Once you recognise that you need help, and want to talk to someone with the necessary experience and ability to take you forward, Graeme’s your man”


Mark Harrison, The Aluminium Case Company Ltd.




“Graeme is my sounding board and foil. His knowledge of electronic manufacturing compliments his entrepreneurial skills, making it easy for him to understand my needs and provide me with the advice that has made so much difference to my business”.


Graham Somerville, BHI Ltd.




"Graeme provides excellent support and attitude along with a great wealth of knowledge. I really appreciate his input".


Candy Bowman, CBPM Ltd.




“Graeme’s coaching assistance was invaluable. He helped me source suitable construction materials, suggested competent contractors, provided business development advice and was a reliable sounding board for my ideas. He supported me through a difficult phase of product development and gave me sound advice on my plans to expand abroad”.


John Patrick Reynolds, JPR Courts Ltd.




“Graeme helped me focus on what was important for the success of the business - getting my marketing and sales plan right, creating a competitive pricing structure that was flexible enough to suit the differing needs of a varied customer base, freeing up my time to concentrate on securing new business. His knowledge and experience are invaluable assets”.


Nigel Wilmshurst, Heritage Blast Cleaning.




“Thanks to Graeme’s input as our Horizon 2020 coach, we changed the way we approached our challenges and, with his help, improved our business strategy. This then allowed our Business Innovation Project to progress much faster. I wholeheartedly recommend him to you, whatever your business sector”.


Agnes Czako, Sustainable Home Survey.




 "Transforming from an R&D focused company into a Manufacturing one demands a huge amount of change. Graeme provided us with simple, clear strategies in a number of areas that otherwise would have been missed. Having adopted these strategies a number of potential roadblocks were avoided, and we are well on the road to our first product”.


Paul Willimont, Isotropic Systems.